How to Train a Zombie

Originating in the South Pacific Islands, the Z Virus affects the brain of those infected-- killing the host, and in moments, transforming it into a flesh eating, blood drinking monster known as Zombie.

World-renowned scientist Dr. Krame has spent countless hours in attempts to formulate an antidote for the virus. Although successful, he was unable to share it with the world before succumbing to the virus himself. He did, however, in the hopes of preventing himself from becoming a danger to anyone, lock himself in his lab… along with the antidote.

You and your team have 45 minutes to go into his lab, uncover clues, solve puzzles, find the antidote, and escape before time runs out. Can you escape?!

Theme(s): Horror, Zombie

Duration: 45min

Max. Guests per Booking: 10

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The Collector

A recent string of disappearances has awakened old fears in the people of Sand-Hill Town.

Your team of Private-I's suspect that it is the psychotic criminal known simply as, "The Collector," who is terrorizing Sand-Hill, and you have tracked him down to his secret hiding place in an old rundown warehouse just on the outskirts of town. But, just when you thought you’ve got him cornered, little did you know, he was expecting you and has turned the tables around.

You are now caught in his twisted web of mind games. He will now toy with you before he kills you. You have 45 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles and escape before time runs out. Will you become a part of the collection or Can You Escape?!

Theme(s): Thriller, Abduction

Duration: 45min

Max. Guests per Booking: 10

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